What Is a Green Roof System

by | May 22, 2021 | Roofing

A green roof system basically consists in covering the building with vegetation and soil. This type of roof considerably improves air quality and can help to set up a natural space, right in the heart of the city. However, because the vegetation needs water, the installation of a green roof system also requires several interventions, which are relatively complex.

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First of all, the roof must be waterproofed with special membranes, resistant to the roots that will grow in the soil. Also, depending on the project, recommended Fort Worth roofing contractors confirm that irrigation or water drainage systems can also be installed.

Particularly in urban areas, where the population is suffocated by pollution, such a roof can make a difference. Here are just a few of the benefits of green roofs:

  • Air quality: It is not a novelty that, through the process of photosynthesis, plants process carbon dioxide, transforming it into oxygen. The more real estate developers install green roofs, the cleaner the air will be.
  • Natural drainage: In the case of flat roofs, large amounts of water can accumulate on them during torrential rains, which may cause significant damage. A green roof will function as a natural waterproofing, absorbing excess water.
  • Temperature reduction: Plants and have the ability to absorb heat from the sun. Thus, not only the temperature on the roof will be lower, but this effect will also be noticeable inside the house.
  • Ambient noise: A green roof will also act as a barrier to exterior noise.