What Really Happens to a Roof When It Is Damaged by a Storm?

by | Sep 12, 2019 | Construction

We often hear about roofing damage following a storm. However, aside from the most obvious forms of damage, when leaks ensue and you have to take care of fixing your roof urgently, not a lot is generally known about what really happens when a roof is damaged by a storm.

Depending on the severity and nature of the storm, as reported by top rated Fort Worth roofing companies, there are several types of damage that could occur:

  1. Mild damage and leaks typically appear when a regular thunderstorm passes by, and the wind or rain ends up damaging an already somewhat faulty roofing structure.

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  1. Hail damage happens during hail storms, and it can be quite devastating. Some roofs are hit by powerful impact shots that damage or even break the shingles and flashing, often leading to water damage that has to be addressed as quickly as possible.
  2. Finally, snow storms and wind storms can be very powerful and damaging as well. Aside from the quick temperature changes involved, they can also put a lot of strain on the roof and blow off loose shingles quite easily. Moreover, the amount of weight that is involved with some snow storms can be enough to damage the internal structure of the roof as well, requiring you to summon your local roofers as quickly as possible.