When you request a roof estimate for your project from a roofing company, you can expect it to include all the important details that will also be found in the contract.

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First, the best Fort Worth roofers will include proof of licenses and insurance it carries. These are extremely important details, because they influence different aspects, from your protection in case of accidents on your property to the quality of services you get.

The next part of a roofing estimate refers to the quantity of materials needed for a roofing project (installation or repair) and their price. This estimate is made after a company`s representative calculates the total surface of the roof. The surface can be formed by trapezes, triangles and rectangles, so the calculation of these surfaces is reduced to the simple application of some formulas of elementary geometry. Next, there is the estimate of the linear accessories as well as of those needed for the installation of the roofing materials.

Another important part of the general roofing estimate is the calculation of the labor price. Each roofing company has its rates and offers, so it is good to request estimates from several companies and compare them.

Finally yet importantly, an estimate is not complete without details about deadlines, payment options, issues that may occur during the course of the roofing project, as well as warranties.