Why it’s Important to Keep Gutters Free of Debris

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Property Maintenance

Fort Worth roofing contractor will clean your gutters and roof

If gutters are not cleaned frequently, the accumulated debris leads to clogging, causing much more serious problems.

Here are three reasons that a respected Fort Worth roofing contractor says you should clean up the gutters of your home more often.

Water leaks

Leaves, dirt and other debris tend to build up in the gutters. In combination with water, they maintain moisture and favor the appearance of corrosion, which will cause further problems that will affect more than the gutters themselves.

Periodic gutter cleaning will also give you the chance to discover potential problems and solve them before they cause extensive damage. Otherwise, moisture will cause the appearance of mold and mildew that may seep into the walls of the house..

Roof infiltration

Leaves and other debris can prevent water from being evacuated safely away from the roof. If the problem is not remedied immediately, the constant accumulation of water on the roof will eventually lead to infiltrations.

Infiltration in the basement

Gutters direct rain water at a safe distance from the house, but if they are damaged, water may sweep into the basement. In addition to allowing mold formation, infiltrated water can cause real disasters, especially if it reaches the electrical installation or damages the building`s structure.