Why Metal Roofs Can’t Last as Long as Slate Roofs

by | Aug 21, 2022 | Roofing

Metal roofs offer several advantages, including a longer life span compared to roofs made from other materials such as asphalt shingles and cedar shakes. Metal roofs can withstand bad weather, including hail, heavy rains, snow and strong winds. They have also been credited for protecting homes during vegetation fires, and their service life is estimated at up to 50 years.

Despite these advantages (which are not the only ones!) metal roofs cannot last as long as slate roofs, and that’s because the latter are premium products. Natural stone is the most durable roofing material. It’s enough to look at historical buildings and cathedrals covered with natural stone, whose roofs last for hundreds of years, to figure out about the special qualities of slate as a construction material.

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Slate is a rock whose main advantages are durability, elegant appearance and the fact that it is non-combustible. In contrast, unlike a metal roof which is one of the most lightweight roofing options, a slate roof is very heavy. It is true that its weight provides strength and stability, but it definitely requires a very strong resistance structure.

If you want a solution that has more of the advantages of the two types of roofs – metal and slate -, premier roofing Fort Worth contractors suggest you opt for stone coated metal shingles. Such a roof will be more durable than a simple metal roof, and will provide your home with superior protection.